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TSFA Convention... Bouquets {part 3}

 The TSFA convention is not only a fabulous place for florists to meet new suppliers, find new varieties of blooms and compete in the Texas Cup it's also a wonderful place to come and learn.
 The weekend is full of design classes, and we always love to hit the wedding and event shows.
Some designs we see are teaching new techniques, some are completely off the wall creative and some are just simply...Read more

TSFA Convention 2012... Texas Cup {part 2}

 Each year at convention they hold a floral competition. It's where the best of the best compete for the Texas Cup. This year 2 of our very own, extremely talented designers competed!
There are 4 phases of competition where you are timed and have to create beautiful arrangements with specific themes using only the original flowers your were given. It takes planning, efficiency and hard work to pull...Read more

Texas State Florists Convention 2012... Fredricksburg {part 1}

Education is vital in our industry and we take pride in being at the forefront of new trends and techniques. Mary, {the owner} is on the board of directors for many different floral organizations in the Houston area and throughout the state, one of which is the TSFA {Texas State Florists Association}. Each year they hold a convention in a different city where top designers, suppliers, and growers...Read more