The Blooming Idea Blog

  • Winter Weddings Part 1

    Our first weddings of the year depict the essence of a winter wedding with white flowers and lots of candles.
    This first wedding ceremony took place at The Woodlands Chapel in the Woods. The moss initial greeted guests at the entry into the chapel and our tall lanterns lined the aisle. The reception took place at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center. The guest tables had two styles of...
  • Carlton Woods Member Guest 2013

    The Annual Member Guest Event is one of our favorite events at the Club at Carlton Woods. This year we created a theme incorporating natural elements of the season - pumpkins & bittersweet. Different tablescapes were created; one with our iron tree accented with lemon leaf, mango calla lilies and hanging rose petals. The second with a set of three glass candlesticks accented with curly willow,...
  • Foyer centerpiece

    Every week we create an arrangement for The Club at Carlton Woods foyer table. This piece includes lots of different textures of wood, sticks, fungii, pincushion protea, anthurium, cymbidium orchids, gladioli, safari sunset, succulents and bitter sweet
  • AIFD Symposium 2013 (part 4 - picture overload)

     And because we took 1000+ pictures we have lots and lots and LOTS to share!

  • AIFD Symposium (part 3)

    Our very own Mary McCarthy TMFA and Kim Jones TMFA were able to go through the accreditation testing to become AIFD members. AIFD (American Institute of Floral Design) is the creme de la creme of achievements in the floral industry. Many of our designers at the shop are TMF or TMFA (Texas Master Florists (Advanced)). But we are always trying to be better, do better and learn more. We are so proud...
  • AIFD Symposium 2013 (part 2)

     It's amazing what can be done with live flowers. The possibilities are limitless and the talent we saw this year was amazing. It's such a great way to learn, grow and cultivate your own floral designing style.

  • AIFD Symposium Las Vegas 2013 (part 1)

     If there's one thing we know about Vegas, it's that there is NO expense spared. This years AIFD symposium was no different. Held right on the strip in multiple casinos the flowers were AMAZING! And of course we have to share a few of these awe-inspiring designs with you! Go on, it's ok to drool a little, I did!

  • Flowers as Art

     Art comes in many different mediums. Our medium is flowers, and sometimes it's amazing what a little creativity can produce.
    Flowers are by themselves so beautiful, and due to the vast variety of different blooms the possibilities are endless. Keeping in mind the basic principles for design (color, balance, line, focal areas, etc) we combined firey colors and moving lines to draw the eyes in and...
  • Can You Tell Purple Is Our Favorite Color?

    Clustering flowers is one of our favorite ways to make a big impact. When paired with strong lines and beautiful colors it's always striking and makes a big impression. We love using different lines and shapes to create visual interest in our pieces. Like the Eremurus (Fox tail) in the top picture the curving vertical lines creates a sense of movement, while the green anthirium add stability to...
  • June Wedding Review... part 2

     ...part 2 of a ridiculous amount of pictures from our weddings in June!

    Venues included: St. Anthony of Pauda, The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center, The Club at Carlton Woods.
  • June Wedding Review... part 1

    June was a very busy month, filled with beautiful weddings. Here are some of our favorite pictures we'd like to share with you!

    Venues included: The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center & The Club at Carlton Woods.
  • Father's Day 2013

     Father's Day was a blast this year, and with any major holiday, there's usually a fabulous party at The Club at Carlton Woods. This year was no exception!
     With stunning tropical buffet centerpieces in a modern and masculine style, these flowers were awe-inspiring.
     With bold mixtures of colors, fabulous tropical and unexpected textures and soaring designs you couldn't help but say wow!
    Some of the...