TSFA Convention 2011... part 2

On Friday night a bunch of the designers from the shop took a special trip down to an event supply company in Houston and each had the opportunity to use anything in the warehouse to create a themed tablescape.
The designs were used for the 20th anniversary dinner on Saturday Night for the Texas Floral Endowment Association; which provides a number of various scholarships to florists nation wide.
Some of the themes for the tables were: Texas, Mexico, England, Japan, India, Bali, Holland, France, Italy, Africa and Morocco.
Mary designed the Bali table which was chosen for the VIP's of the night.
Each designer got to pick out the linens, table accessories, flowers, containers, napkin decor, chair cushions and sashes.
It was fun to see all the different styles of arrangements, and the designers interpretation of the country through their use of colors and various flower choices.
The warehouse had an amazing variety of decor options. It was every decorators dream!

Our ladies had a fabulous time learning new tricks and working with different props. One of the best parts about convention is all the exposure to styles and ideas that you may not experience on an everyday basis. Stay tuned for more convention fun!

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