The Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center is a beautiful room with extremely high ceilings, thus creating the need for tall luscious arrangements in various designs. Something to keep in mind when you have a large number of guests in a giant room is that their first impression of the room is the one they remember the most. It is statistically shown that when there are a few different styles of arrangements at various levels people stop and take it all in more so than if they are all the same. Plus, it lets you choose a few styles you like.

This wedding we used 3 different designs all simplistic in nature with curly willow and one type of flower. Tall fluted vases filled with white gladiolas and curly willow, tall fluted vases filled with curly willow and a collar of blue hydrangea, and low cylinders with white Asiatic lilies and curly willow tips. The continuous element of the curly willow tied all the arrangements together while creating different textures and focal points with different blooms.

The effect when you walk into the Grand Ballroom with alternating tall and short centerpieces is truly awe-inspiring. Your guests are sure to feel privy to be a guest at such a stunning event. Remember that it's all about the ambiance you create and flowers are the most beautiful way to make any event large or small reflective of your personality. 

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