Red is all the Rage

The fall colors are on parade this month and red is often at center stage! These beautiful wedding showcase different styles and designs that just simply scream fall!
Bouquets with texture and visual interest are always more fun to photograph and create depth and impact in bridal portraits.
One of our favorite detail pieces for receptions is having something on the doors. These wreaths were beautiful with gorgeous color and amazing texture and movement. The nice thing is that once all your guests are inside, they can be moved to the inside of the doors just by switching the hook around!
Ashelynn Manor's chapel is such a beautiful, yet simple setting for a wedding ceremony. With dark floor and soft beige walls it truly is a great backdrop for any color scheme, especially the rich tones of fall.
It's our favorite time of year and we absolutely love to see all the gorgeous pictures with such vibrant colors. Our theory about color? Don't be afraid to do what you want. It's your wedding and if bold is what you want, then go big and bold and we promise you wont regret it!

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