Orchid Plants

Phaleanopsis orchids are some of the most exquisite flowers on this earth. They are truly striking in their shape and delicate nature. What is even more amazing? We have a wonderful selection of different colors shapes and sizes here at The Blooming Idea. We hand pick our orchids from a local grower. Not only do we love supporting local businesses but we LOVE being able to pick the most stunning, most beautiful, biggest, brightest and most unusual. We always have a variety to choose from in stock and are able to get more very quickly if you would like additional plants. Phaleanopsis orchid plants are very easy to care for! Each plant comes with care instructions and a water spray bottle for misting. We recommend that you keep them in a place that is slightly humid (like the bathroom or by the kitchen sink) and away from direct sun light, indirect is best.

Want to learn more about these beautiful plants? Come stop by for a visit and any of our fabulous ladies in the shop would love to help you pick out the perfect orchid for you to enjoy!

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