Mother's Day 2013

The month of May at The Blooming Idea is always busy. It's the best kind of busy, with lots of great reasons to celebrate. The end of school, prom, beautiful weather, and my favorite, Mother's Day!
 Here are a few of our favorite Mother's Day arrangements. We used lots of tropicals this year including baby birds of paradise, shampoo ginger, anthirium, dendrobium and cymbidium orchids.
 Most arrangements tend to fall in the softer color scheme, with lots of purples, whites and pinks. The picture on the left features a contemporary design with purple mocara orchids, lavender roses, white lilies and beautiful dar green tropical leaves. While the photo on the right is a fun design of all different shades of pink roses in the shape of a heart and a carnation teddy bear in the center, yep you heard right, that's all flowers, even the bear!
 Another fun thing we do is incorporate personal objects into arrangements, like this wreath of hydrangea, peonies, and roses around the bottom of the eiffel tower! Or of course if you really want to knock Mom's socks off you can send her a topiary of solid roses!
Mother's Day was fabulous. Thank you to all our loyal customers. We appreciate your business and allowing us to do what we love most, make beautiful arrangements for you to enjoy!

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