Lavender Vanilla

The fall always brings with it delicious fragrances. It seems to be the time of year where as you shop for the holidays you are greeted by warm and inviting aromas. Most include cinnamon, clove and pumpkins spices. But one of my favorite combinations, year round are mixtures of fresh herbs with vanilla.
Here are a few of our October weddings where lavenders and rich plums took center stage.
One of my favorite tall arrangements is done by gathering beautiful gladiolas together in one or two vibrant colors and arranging them in a tall slender vase. This in turn creates an incredible wow factor with a pop of color up high; while also making the ballroom seem more intimate.
Bridal bouquets are such a personal item and we strive to create each bouquet to match the style and personality of the blushing bride who will be holding it.
Using various heights in your centerpieces will visually force your guests to stop and appreciate the decor of the ballroom ten times more than if all the decor was one height throughout the room. Giving you more of a "wow" feeling as you and your guests enter.

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