Interfaith Event at the Carlton Woods

Going Green has become a very popular theme in almost every aspect of life. There has been an extreme turn towards taking care of our planet, and doing all we can to preserve it, and change our wasteful ways. Here at the shop we strive to use the "un-useable" materials in everyday arrangements, we recycle vases, and encourage our clients to rent any of our amazing glassware, wright iron, solid silver, or rustic wood items. This way we can reuse the items while offering our clients beautifully stunning pieces to set the tone for their events.

On the 30th of September the Carlton Woods hosted a silent auction party for an Interfaith event. The theme was Going Green, as was represented by the beautiful green linens and a variety of all white and green botanicals. We created grids out of stems to use as the framework for all our showpieces. Exposed mechanics has become a popular contemporary spin on elegant and formal events. We pride ourselves for continually pushing the limits and thinking outside the box. Which is how these beauties developed.
Using a textural mix of tropicals, orientals, hanging amaranthus, billowy hydrangea, and fully open white roses we created an ethereal setting; reminiscent to that of a forest floor or star lit jungle. The addition of twinkling lights and dangling crystals emphasized the draping feel of the centerpiece.
It was a pleasure to create such beautiful pieces filled with lush flowers, creating impact and drama with a subtle contemporary flare. So tell us, how do you go green?

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