Houston Cup 2011

Here are some more pictures of Gena's gorgeous designs from the Houston cup:

Her funeral piece was big bold and full of texture. With red gingers, bells, vivid orange roses and purple orchids the colors were fabulous. Her bridal bouquet was done in a traditional cascade/ teardrop style with a beautiful focal area of stargazer lilies, orchids and roses.
Her interpretive piece was stunning with a gorgeous mix of natural and man made materials, mixed greens with great texture and all white blooms including Phaleanopsis orchids and white button mums. The line and texture details were stunning!

The Houston cup competition is the flower industry's equivalent of Iron chef in the food world. It's fast paced and fabulous and forces designers out of their comfort zone. It's a great way to see what you've got and show off your stuff! Once again, we want to make a big shout out to our very own Gena for wining the 2011 Houston cup!

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