Easter Weekend Part 3

With beautiful skies, a cool breeze, and the birds singing their sweet melodies how could you not just step back and say to yourself, "Self, it's going to be a B-E-A utiful day!" (Pardon my stealing a line from the Truman Show).

Sunday morning we arrived at The Carlton Woods - Nicklaus Clubhouse bright and early to begin the set up for their Sunday Brunch event. This was the final event of the weekend, and the atmosphere was sweet, romantic, and peaceful. Our showpiece for Sunday was truly spectacular. This being our second time building a tree out of flowers in conversation I have come to refer to as "The Tree of Life - Spring Edition." The first tree we built was back in September of 2008, so all the colors were rich in deep fall tones. This was the original:
So as you can imagine it was a pleasure to be able to do it again, but of course, bigger and better. We added blooming forsythia to re-enforce the bright colors of spring, paired with lavender roses, peach miniature garden roses, peach lilies, light green hanging amaranthus, white stock, and some of the biggest yellow roses I've ever seen. It was truly spectacular.

Our centerpieces for the tables coordinated with peach lilies, purple stock, roses and solidago in clear glass cubes. We also had the pleasure of designing a smaller tree for another accent piece, so now we have added a miniature to our collection, eventually we'll have a forest! ;) It is so much fun to plan and execute these aw-inspiring showpieces. In short, we all absolutely LOVE what we do.

We hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Remember to enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts!

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