7th Anniversary Party-2009 Holiday Open House

First and foremost we want to thank all of you who came by to celebrate with us. It is always a pleasure to get to spend some time with our customers in a more casual setting, and for you to come see the wide array of possibilities for your holiday decor.
Each desk had a holiday color scheme, a beautiful showpiece, and a few coordinating pieces to inspire our clients. Autumn graced the first desk with its rich firey tones and passionate colors incorporating circus roses, purple dendrobium orchids, fresh kale, upside-down wheat, succulents, and chocolate accents. Then we asked ourselves "What autumn scene would be complete without a cornucopia bursting with beautiful color, berries, flowers, and vegetation?" We couldn't think of a better accent piece.
Rich, elegant, and regal designs graced the second table with tone on tone red arrangements. The showpiece incorporated ginger, anthirium, roses, mesh netting, birch branches, and ornaments in a beautiful trumpet vase. Accent pieces included a bowlie filled with lucious black magic red roses, and a whismical vase with red pebbles and red tulips.The most classic color scheme graced the 3rd table with a classic all white pallet. Lilies, hydrangea, roses, spider mums, and blueplurum created a lush, soft, and romantic ambiance. Accent pieces in candle holders were a fun way to add color and heigth with coordinating pieces.

My favorite color scheme made its appearance on the 4th table; a green godess if you will. Spiders, roses, blueplurum, buttons, hydrangea, and a mixed variety of green set the tone for a sultry centerpiece ina black wrought iron candelabra dripping with glass crystals.

A snow inspired pallet of blue, white, and silver combined to create a beautiful centerpiece in our 40" silver candelabras draped in crystals. Overall we had a wonderful night filled with amazing food, stunning design, and great company. Thank you again to all of you who came to celebrate with us.
We also had a drawing at the end of the night for a beautiful holiday/ Thanksgiving centerpiece for one lucky guest: Miss Sophie Bradie! Please contact us sometime in November to arrange to pick up your free holiday centerpiece. Congratulations!
Don't forget to leave a comment during the month of November for a chance to win a free bouquet. Our winner will be announced December 1st (see the sidebar for more details).

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